Newborn Session Tips & Tricks

-keep baby up for as long as possible before the session (at least 1-2 hours)
-give baby a full feeding right before start of the session (if doing a studio session you can do right when you arrive inside the studio. If doing a lifestyle session, do it right after I arrive, as I will still need to set up)
-Please arrive on time for the session, if late session may be cut short. Also do not arrive more than 5-10 mins. before your session time as I’m still usually setting things up at this time for the session.
-If including older siblings, pep talk them so that they know what they are walking into. I also do have colouring books and a couple toys, but one parent can also bring older siblings on a walk through beautiful St. Boniface, or bring them to the playground along St. Joseph St, just 1.5 blocks north from the studio.
-Try to stay positive even if the little ones are being less than cooperative. It will only make things worse for them to see you feeling stressed, so keep a happy face!
-Bring remaining amount of session fee and tax on your session (total amount plus tax minus your deposit)
-make sure baby is washed and lotioned/oiled up the night before and then lotioned again a few hours before the session (this prevents some of the dry, flaking skin. If done too close to the time of the session, most lotions/oils will make their skin look greasy and can ruin photos)
Parents (& siblings):
-wearing ivory, white, tan or neutral coloured tops/dresses is best (I have a few dresses and tops for women if needed, but please let me know! Or wear complimenting colours to each other)
-bring or have ready to go: extra diapers, baby wipes, extra formula, pacifier, towel & gripe water if possible. Baby will feed more often during the session than at home.
-bring or have ready to go: all outfits/props/hats/blankets or anything you’d like incorporated into the session
-if you’re breastfeeding, on the day of and day before the session try avoiding foods you know make your baby gassy. You can view a list compiled by a pediatrician of common foods that do this for most babies that are breastfeeding here. (even better if you can avoid these foods a day or two before the session)